Wire Drawing Machine

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Wire Drawing Machine

Straight-line Wire Drawing Machine are discovered for easy availability of all sizes of wires efficiently and in shortest time period. Straight-line wire drawing is used to reduce the diameter of wire or wire riod by stretching wire through various dies which makes drawn wire more smooth and deflection free lower frictional contact and lower operator interference.

Straight-line wire drawing machine dows not have any limitations as far as wire material or wire grade is concerned. Ekta Nail Machine is leading developer of straight-line Wire Drawing Machine having years invested in technology and engineering.

We are leading manufacture and exporter of Wire Nail Making Machines.

Technical Specifications

SR# Stage Capstan Dia Electric Motor RPM Horse Power Production per 8 Hours. Capacity Units per 8 Hours.
1 5 Stage 600 mm 1440 110 400 Kg. 5.5 to 2.64 mm 315
2 3 Stage 450 mm 1440 27.5 2500 Kg. 2.64 to 1.83 mm 90
3 5 Stage 300 mm 900 28 1500 Kg. 1.83 to 0.9 mm 105